Call for Green Jobs Award Applications and Nominations

Is your emerging company creating great, green jobs? Do you know a company that is a leader in green job creation?

Apply now or Nominate a company for a 2011 Green Jobs Award! The Green Jobs Award program identifies, celebrates, and promotes entrepreneurial innovators from across the country that are leaders in quality green job creation. The Award accelerates these sustainable businesses and demonstrates the potential of the green economy for all communities.

The ten 2010 winners represented diverse industries from the latest in clean technology to old industry innovators leading the way in their existing business sector. Together they represented over $150 million in revenue and created 1,300 quality green jobs. Read more about the 2010 Green Jobs Award winners here >>

Emerging companies with at least $500,000 in revenue and 10 employees, and with a business model that preserves or enhances environmental quality are eligible. The deadline for nominations is May 31, and the deadline for applications is June 15