Celebrating Green Companies Hiring and Training Our Country's Graduates


The time is now to apply for this year’s Green Jobs Award! Don’t miss your free opportunity to be recognized as a leader in creating good green jobs. Private for-profit companies located in the U.S. with at least ten employees and $500,000 in annual revenue in the last year are eligible for the 2011 Green Jobs Award.  Applications are due by June 15 and can be downloaded online at www.greenjobsaward.org/apply.

2010 Winner Spotlight: Petra Solar
Training the new green workforce

Petra Solar of South Plainfield, NJ, has developed the SunWave™, a new class of renewable technology. This system combines PV solar generation with smart grid communications and grid reliability enhancement functions for utilities. Petra Solar's SunWave™ systems are installed on existing assets, such as utility distribution and streetlight poles, to deliver power directly to the grid.The company also uses shipping containers made from biodegradable materials. The company has grown quickly and its 166 employees enjoy career ladders and a competitive benefits package. Petra Solar is committed to growing jobs locally and is an advocate of tying local consumption to local manufacturing. The firm actively hires graduates of green jobs programs from local community colleges. 

If your green company recruits local community college graduates, submit your free application today for the chance to be recognized. Apply by June 15 at www.greenjobsaward.org/apply